The Technology Structure – Detailed

AKA Comp’s Comprehensive solution is an innovative approach to outsourcing IT support for school. With this approach we look at any school from a ModernSchool’s perspective. In order to bring 21st century innovation to the classroom, technology has to play a key role. We help schools achieve this goal in the most practical, economical and strategic way.

Network Infrastructure SupportSystem Infrastructure SupportEnd User Device Support
(Workstations, Laptops, Tablets, Etc)
Printing SupportApplications and Software
Wireless Access Points
Wireless Controller
Virtual Machines (VMs)
Network Attached Storage
Backup (Local and Offline)
Interactive Boards
Document Cameras
Personal Printers
ID Cards
Asset Tag Printing
Office 365 Management
Google Suite
Educational Applications
Administrative Applications
Student Information
CommunicationsPhysical SecurityDigital SolutionWeb Solution
SIS Server Maintenance 
SIS Dashboard Service
SIS Customization
Data Sync with External Server
Telephone System / VOIP
Sound Systems
PA System
Video Conferencing Sys
Live Streaming Technology
Surveillance System
Access Control
Alarm System 
External Gate System
Digital Signage Internal 
Digital Signage External
Website Maintenance 
Website Structure Updates
Website Content Updates
DNS Management
Social Media

What differentiates AKA Comp from other Solutions Provider?

We are a one-stop solution for all of your IT needs. This means we make it all integrate and work together seamlessly.

We works closely with you to first identify the business objectives and then help you assess the IT needs. Using this, we create a Technology Plan or Roadmap which will help you decide and procure the right products and services for your environment. 

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