Tech Squad

Back Up and Business Continuity

Are you facing technical challenges and do not have the capacity to hire an IT guy for different different services? Then we are the answer to your problem.

We provide a number of ways to pay for the services and people while on the back end have access to an array of specialties. Below are a number of ways we may provide our tech squad services:

Full-Time Direct Personnel Placement
This allows you to have one person from our company work for you as your IT guy. But the difference between hiring an independent IT guy and our person is that the person will have a full back support from other specialties that the person may be lacking in.
Ideal for short-term needs, this option offers both low-end labor and high-end specialized technical resources
Weekly Labor
A weekly dedicated person for your company to ensure smooth running of the IT services in your offices. This can as well be both high-end (network specialist) or low-end (end user support and troubleshooting) depending on the need of the business.
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