Power School

Power School

AKA Comp  provides the software-based solutions you need to enhance your productivity.

Each year, school districts must meet the challenge of implementing updated technologies and revised procedures. Managing multiple systems while controlling operating costs can be a daunting task. AKA Comp  provides a wide range of software solutions designed to help schools hurdle this challenge. AKA Comp offers data integration, reporting, and add-on services for all existing systems. We specialize in creating customization’s for Power School, the most widely used web-based student information system. With 5+ years of experience, we can create an unlimited variety of user-friendly reports and data entry customization’s for your Power School.

Data Services

  • Data Entry Services Enrolling students in classes, assigning teachers to classes, adding classes, transferring students from one course or section to another, Adding/dropping student enrollments, input student grades, daily attendance, merging data to external systems. Basically, we will take care of all the labor intense work to make sure your staff is focused in your school primary goals.
  •  Custom Page/Object Reports Object Reports functionality is use to produce a report that pulls information from a PowerSchool data file, you need complete control of the layout, or when you need to include graphics.. In other words, create an object report when the system reports do not meet your need. We will design custom reports based on your need.
  •  Yearly / Semester Process The school year follows a general pattern. At the beginning of the year, new students arrive, some Students leave, and student schedules change. At the end of each term, report cards must be executed, grades stored, wrap up the year and deal with some of PowerSchool time sensitive data. Our team will make sure you have a smooth beginning and end of every term/year.
  • State Reporting Your state requires schools to take necessary steps to provide state reports with accurate details pertaining to district, school, staff and students. We will make sure to configure your PowerSchool to populate the reports with state specific details.


  • Discipline Process System Automate your discipline process to track your student’s discipline data whether it be tardy, detentions or disciplinary issues.
  • Visual Dashboard for School Data. We can design dashboards to help your school answer questions easily by designing visualized charts to view your school data for analyzing performance, planning and making key decisions
  • Broadcast Messaging System Integrating modules for establishing a better communication channel with parents, students and staff by utilizing voice, SMS text and email. School administrators can send hundreds and thousands of messages instantly and reliably using the integrated school notification system.
  • Flexible Solutions Our customization services are designed to provide flexible solutions that answer the individual needs of Districts and Schools. We can provide enterprise level solutions to meet your school needs.


  • Technical Support Software installation on server and client machines, Power Grade access and password access for teacher and administrators, Power Grade software installation on client machines. Teacher course set-up. Maintain user accounts. Customization Maintenance support will also be provided for the customization modules.
  • Training/Professional Development The key to maximizing the potential of the Power School is effective and proper training of your staff, teachers and administration. We provide beginner, intermediate or Advance training based on the requirement of the institution.
  • Server Maintenance For institution hosting Power School application locally, we maintain the server operating system, schedule backups, update regular software and PowerSchool server updates.
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