• Minority business enterprise
  • Disadvantage business enterprise
  • SBSA

To keep up with the constant demand for greater bandwidth and higher speeds, many organizations have undergone rapid network expansion—without the accompanying documentation. Acquisitions and merging networks can also create uncertainty about how each asset fits into your overall network infrastructure. It’s time to take a step back and look at your network holistically. AKA Government Network Inventory Assessment can help. It provides you with comprehensive discovery of your IT network, documentation of its current state, and a performance analysis for each appliance.

This service:

  1. Provides a network inventory and network performance analysis
  2. Documents your network with a Visio topology drawing that allows you to easily visualize your network’s layout—facilitating communication, highlighting problem areas, and streamlining upgrade planning

Assessment Deliverables:

  1. Network inventory report
  2. Asset report
  3. Visio network topology
  4. Detailed infrastructure analysis