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AKA Government’s Mobile Device Management Production Jumpstart services will help get your mobile device management off on the right foot. We’ll work with you to develop the proper profiles for your devices, set up your app store, and take care of everything you need to manage your mobile devices properly.

Our experts offer production jumpstart with the following support to get your mobile devices up and running fast:

  1. Mobility Strategy

We’ll consult with your organization to gain a thorough understanding of your current environment and your organization’s short- and long-term goals. This knowledge will establish the requirements for your MDM production environment, so we can set up and test your profile, enrollment process, and device management.

  1. Profile Services

We’ll help you create profiles to match your MDM strategy. These profiles will define enterprise security settings, apps, policies, and restrictions for your devices. Capabilities are based on individual device features, operating system and version, device ownership type, and the specific MDM-suite.

  1. Device Enrollment

We’ll assist with the staging for device enrollment. There are different device enrollment methods, which vary with the MDM solution and devices.

  1. Mobile Application Management

We’ll assist with the setup and testing of Mobile Application Management (MAM). MAM lets businesses securely distribute and manage internal, public, and purchased apps.

  1. Mobile Content Management

We’ll assist with setup and testing of Mobile Content Management (MCM). MCM allows businesses to secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate documents through a native mobile app, so employees can securely access corporate resources.

  1. MDM Knowledge Transfer

We’ll provide Knowledge Transfer to your Administrators responsible for day to day operations to efficiently use the selected MDM suite, leveraging the basic administrative functions within the console.