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Technology is changing at an alarming rate. Higher Education students are increasingly growing up in the digital age. School administrators and professionals are struggling to keep up. At the same time, IT leaders in both sectors are under pressure to expand core services while also playing a pivotal role in driving greater operational and cost efficiencies.

We have the experience of working with Higher Education Institutions school systems in the United States. We have a proven capability in creating long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We partner, share world class experience, business processes, and technology expertise in ways that deliver high-quality and superior customer satisfaction. As a result, clients receive better, broader business benefits from outsourcing and are highly satisfied with the results of AKA Government.


  • Freedom to focus on business-critical core competencies
  • Cost savings that increase returns on technology investments and enable redirection of capital to business growth so desperately need in higher education today
  • Improved productivity and enhanced service to the IT department, professor, student, faculty, and administrative staff
  • Assured quality through defined service levels and key performance indicators
  • Risk mitigation through business continuity, disaster recovery, and information assurance services
  • Greater transparency and high compliance with internal controls and external regulatory requirements
  • Production systems maintenance and support
  • Success through teamwork, flexibility, and collaboration