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Fines According to OCR

  • $ 100,000 – 5-doctor practice in Phoenix for sending patient data by unsecure e-mails
  • $ 1.7 million – Alaska state health dept. lost unencrypted backup drive
  • $ 1.5 million – Massachusetts hospital stolen unencrypted laptop
  • $ 50,000 – small hospice stolen unencrypted laptop
  • $ 400,000 – university clinic failed firewall, not caught for 10 months
  • $ 1.2 million – data left on unencrypted copier hard drives at end of lease
  • $ 150,000 – lost unencrypted thumb drive
  • $ 1.7 million – lost unencrypted laptop, was not listed in Risk Analysis
  • Plus costs to notify patients & remediate problems
  • Publication on the HIPAA ‘Wall of Shame’

Hired AKA Comp Solutions to do a Risk Analysis and Chose them to perform my compliance solution. The after signing with them and getting everything rolling I had a copier guy to come in and update drives on our system he says “Man you Server is about to crash” SO I called Tech Squad and they had already noticed the issue and was already working on it. Had that been my old IT company it would have been hours before I got a response.

Perry Taylor
Hobbs Home Medical